5 Ways To Make Extra Money While Attending College

In the U.S., attending practically any college or university is expensive. Many students find themselves strapped for cash constantly. The availability of on campus part-time jobs can be scarce. Calling home to family and friends is not an option for some. When you need money for extra books, supplies or just an occasional movie and dinner, having a source of additional income can come in handy.

Start Your Own Part Time Business

One of the best ways to make some extra money while attending college is to start your own business. It doesn’t have to be anything that requires a lot of time to run and maintain. Think about hobbies or other talents you have that you could charge money for. Make sure you get permission before you launch your part-time empire!

To help get you pointed in the right direction, here are 5 ideas you can use to put some extra money in your pocket.

Hair Cutting Service

If you have experience in cutting hair, other college students are always looking for someone to cut their hair. Often, local barber shops or salons are overpriced. Many students can’t afford to pay those prices. If you have the tools and ability to cut hair, consider offering your services at a rate cheaper than the local shops. But enough to put a decent amount of cash in your pocket.

Class Notes Transcribing

Students that opt to record class lectures may be willing to pay someone to transcribe the information for them. That’s where you come in. If you have the time, patience and good typing skills. You could offer to transcribe and deliver a neatly printed version for a fee. You could charge a flat rate or by the page.

Bike Repair

If your college or university is located on a large campus, there will be hundreds or thousands of students using bicycles to get to and from classes. Eventually, chains slip, tires go flat and gears need adjusting. If you are good with fixing bikes, you can offer repair and simple maintenance services to students.

Basic Computer Repair

If you know your way around a computer, you may be able to offer basic computer repairs. Things like memory upgrades, cleaning, installing simple hardware. Also upgrading operating systems and setting up WI-fi. ​Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to opening up their computers or even adding additional hardware. In these cases, they will be more  than willing to pay someone to do it for them.



This one is the one tried and true way to make some extra cash on campus. There are always other students in need of tutoring. It can be in any subject. Some of the most common subjects are foreign languages, math and science. If you are exceptional in any of these areas of study, you will find your tutoring services in high demand. You can charge by the hour and make a good amount of money to help with your own expenses.

Find Your Niche And Get Started

If none of the ideas mentioned here apply to you, just think about things you do well. Hobbies and skills from previous employment could be used to create your micro business as well. Finally, make sure you manage your time well. Don’t allow your business to interfere with your class schedule and study time.

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