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5 Tips for Becoming an (Employable) Online Marketing Consultant in 2017

Are you considering work in an online field? Do you enjoy interacting with diverse clients, connecting people with their needs and finding unique solutions? Modern marketing is on the cutting edge of technology– this means more and more jobs are being created for employees that can be taught how to keep up with the evolving world of digital advertising. Keep reading below for five essential tips to hone your skills for a future career as an online marketing consultant.


Knowing the basics of the advertising industry cannot be overlooked if you plan on breaking into online marketing. Countless private or public post-secondary institutes offer degrees, diplomas and certificates in a huge variety of topics related to the field. While many paths lead to success as a consultant, most will admit that fundamental education gives you a leg up– especially in the early days of your career. Since a huge part of business is networking, schooling can also open up and introduce relationships that can benefit you down the road.


Once you have the fundamentals down, apply that knowledge to existing online spaces to gain a practical understanding of what does and doesn’t work. Professional online marketing consultants analyze these factors to determine potential clients and create leads for their business. A website with poor design or a lack of search engine optimization (SEO) is an opportunity for an agency to help a client resolve those issues.


While surveying the lay of the land in online advertising, pay attention to what is trending— both good and bad. Adopting practices that help and avoiding ones that harm is a surefire way to raise your reputation and present yourself as a consultant who has their finger on the pulse of the industry. Online marketing is a dynamic, ever-changing field and those that don’t adapt will be left behind.


Since online marketing is still a relatively new field, there are fewer people in positions with highly specialized skills. The best way to find success in business is to fill a void– as a consultant you will be more highly valued if you excel in areas where others fall short. Agencies are a blend of generally skilled employees that handle day-to-day tasks and higher end specialists that tackle specific challenges. While many have their sites set on the likes of Pepsi or Nike, small local businesses such as Stoneworks Granite have much to gain with digital advertising, and are much easier to aquire from a customer perspective. If you are just breaking into digital advertising, a specialty could make you an invaluable team member industry-wide.


To firmly establish yourself as a fixture in digital advertising, you must consider how you present yourself and how your work is perceived by the industry at large. Shortsighted or sloppy practices can not only be identified by competitors, they can use it as proof that your clients would be better off with them. Word of mouth is still a powerful tool in business, so do not overlook it if you wish to succeed as an online marketing consultant.

The five tips above are by no means a comprehensive report on how to become a marketing consultant in the online era. There are, in fact, so many ways to achieve this status– it may seem overwhelming to someone outside the industry or without the necessary skills. Use our guide as a starting point, then focus on widening your knowledge, familiarity and experience with digital advertising.

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