5 Things You Should Check Before Ordering Your New School Furniture

school furniture

Buying new furniture for your school might not seem like such an important task. Especially when Ofsted and pupil performance are a high factor on your list. However, the type of furniture you do buy could have a profound effect on the learning abilities of your students, as it could give them a better educational environment and thus, may help them to apply themselves better to their school work. With this in mind, we are going to take a look at the top 5 things to consider before ordering your new school furniture to make sure you are buying the right furniture for your school’s needs.

school furniture

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1.     Health and Safety

Above all, health and safety is the most important thing to keep in mind when ordering new school furniture. The safety and wellbeing of your students is vital on a day to day basis and good quality, well-designed furniture can really improve the concentration of the pupils. In previous years, studies have shown that a better classroom design with quality furniture can have an impact on students’ progress, as a pleasant environment could put students in a more positive mood for learning.

2.     Mobility and Functionality

When choosing furniture for a classroom, it’s worth noting that the dynamics of a classroom change all the time, so it’s good to choose furniture that can adapt to the various surroundings. Ideally, educators should be able to adapt the environment and room layout as the children develop and learn. Furniture that is lightweight and easy to move or furniture that has more than one use is always a handy option.

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3.     Value for Money

Your budget will always be the dictating factor when deciding on what furniture to buy. There are ways to have good quality furniture at a reasonable price, so long as the furniture is durable and is comfortable. Check out the suppliers’ case studies and testimonials to get a feel for the company’s quality.

4.     Strength, Stability and Ergonomics

This is a major factor because students need to be able to sit in comfort when actively learning. The furniture must suit the environment but above all, the pupils’ safety and comfort are paramount. You must also consider the age of your pupils so you choose the right size chairs. A one size fits all approach is not be advisable.

5.     Aftercare and Servicing

Working closely with manufacturers, Egan Reid can offer a range of after care services and warranties.After care services can include telephone and email support, on-site visits if necessary, product training, operation and maintenance. This is just a precaution so you as the buyer have that safety net in place just in case.

For school supplies, ranging from chairs and tables, stationeryand visual communication and technology, visit Egan Reid where you can find everything you need in order to create a safe and educational-filled environment for your pupils.

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