5 Social Media #JobSearch Articles You May Have Missed

Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

We don’t often do this, and I definitely don’t promote others’ articles over mine 😉 but these 5 social media articles are some of the best ones Career Geek Blog has had over the last few months.

7 Steps to Get Started on LinkedIn

Faizan PatankarDo you know how to use LinkedIn? It gives you a quick update and a thorough explanation of how to go about getting set up on LinkedIn. I always recommend that students and graduates should join the professional network LinkedIn as soon as possible. It is not just about uploading a CV or filling in some details. There are recruitment companies constantly searching for people to interview and bring to their organisations. Unfortunately, graduates think LinkedIn is only for employed people, which is not true! So, have a read and let me prove how useful LinkedIn could be for you…

Social Networks Can Help Your Job Search

Landover Associates – No, I am not  saying this. This post is actually written by a recruiting agent from Landover Associates, a technology recruiting company in New York. For soon-to-be college grads and job seekers alike, it is important to stay on the lookout for opportunities that may present themselves—sometimes in the most unlikely of circumstances. Whether you are in line at the grocery store, an intern, or at an event, remember to market yourself. It is important to network throughout college and well after you have landed a position in your desired field. Read this article and find out why…

5 Steps to Get Started on Twitter as a Graduate

Faizan Patankar – Twitter for jobsearch. Twitter is no longer a newbie in social networking. The user numbers  are growing and there is a big increase in industry presence on Twitter. As a graduate, or someone looking for a job, Twitter is now a must-have job search tool. Here I present 5 steps to get started on Twitter so read on and sign up if you haven’t already…

Learn to Love LinkedIn to Land a Job

Emily Hankinson – If you are a college student and you don’t have a LinkedIn account, please don’t read any further until you do! Seriously, though. Did you go register? Good. Moving on then

How Graduates Can Use Pinterest for Employability

Guest Post – If the job market is proving difficult to crack, then you’re going to need all the help you can get. Here are a few ways Pinterest can aid you in your quest to land that career and increase your employability…

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