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5 Reasons Why Freelancing is Becoming More Popular Than Ever

More people than ever before are starting their own business and reinventing their working lives as freelancers.

From freelance content writers and web designers to translators, accountants, even data entry and marketing experts, when it comes to the freelance market there are very few limitations.

You probably know someone who has decided to leave their average 9-5 behind to start their own freelancing career, and you may be wondering if this is something you should also consider.

Interestingly, there are dozens of reasons why individuals are choosing to become freelancers, so we’ve gathered a collection of some of the most interesting, and common ones!

Read on to find out more:

1. Software Support

With the right software at your side, being a freelancer is easier than you might think. From time management software to freelancing platforms, the myth that freelancing is inherently difficult is just that – a myth!

With the right software, even your invoicing processes are taken care of.

You can create an invoice template using this software within minutes, effectively streamlining the entire billing procedure and helping you get paid faster.

It’s no wonder that freelancers with the right software and approach are basking in their own success.

2. You’re In Full Control

Many individuals share a dislike of traditional employment because of the apparent lack of control over their careers. When you decide to go freelance, you’re not just in control of your working hours, but every aspect of your career is in your hands.

From whom you want to work with, your hourly rates, the projects you want, where you work, even your networking and collaborative prospects are all your responsibility.

Of course, there are other issues such as tax and potential regulatory obligations, but for most freelancers, it’s worth it for the freedom alone.

3. You Can Work Anywhere!

As a freelancer, the world is your oyster – literally!

While many freelancers set up to work from home, or in their local coffee shop (restrictions permitting), others decide to take their careers global and enjoy a traveling freelance lifestyle.

With the possibility of working at your own pace from a sun-kissed beach with a cocktail in hand, it’s hardly surprising more people than ever before are becoming freelancers.

4. Say Goodbye to the 9-5!

The rigid working day is a thing of the past when you’re a freelancer. You get to choose the hours you work and even which days.

No more getting up at 6am to make your morning commute only to get to your desk, hot and out of breath before 9 am. No more dark mornings and even darker evenings where most of the daylight is missed.

Just total working freedom and flexible schedules to suit your lifestyle.

5. No More Unpaid Overtime

As a salaried employee, sometimes employees would be required to give up their own free time to work without the possibility of paid overtime.

This can certainly leave a bitter taste! Thankfully, as a freelancer, if you’re working, you’re earning.

And you can set your hourly rate, giving you complete control over your finances and your wellbeing.

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