5 of the Most Creative CVs – Ever

most creative cv milk carton
most creative cv milk carton

CV on a Milk Carton? Yeah, why not!

In the current job market, you can’t afford to blend in. Most graduate positions receive a couple of hundred applications, so if you don’t stand out, it’s most likely that you won’t get the job – especially for more creative vacancies.

Now, it’s easy enough to come up with brilliant questions and wear something other than a plain suit to an interview, but first you need to get there. That’s where your CV comes in.

Having a striking CV is now essential for any kind of creative job – and that doesn’t just mean content. Unfortunately, in a crowded job market with more graduates out of work than ever before, it’s no longer enough to have the qualifications – to make it through the front door you need to show off your presentation skills, too.

Anyone can claim they’re ‘creative’ or list their skills, but if you design your CV to reflect your distinct skills and personality, it can make you stand out against the crowd, and really show that you’re invested in having a creative career.

To inspire you and make you reconsider that Times New Roman font, here are the five most creative CVs that have ever landed on a CEO’s desk.

The Movie Poster

Joe Kelso designed a stand-out CV in the style of a horror movie poster. With a catchy title and simple, bold layout, all this lists is skills, experience and degree. Although the content is basic, it’s such an intriguing design that employers wanted to find out more about who was behind such an individual resume – and Joe reckons that he’s had an interview from every place he’s sent it out to.

The Milk Carton

Nothing makes a CV stand out more than if it’s 3D – flat paper is for people who think inside the box.

One man made his CV into a missing person style milk carton, complete with personal brand logo, expertise ‘Ingredients’ and general skill ‘Nutrition.’ Although this probably contains less wordy information than a conventional CV, Miguel Rato’s skills were pretty darn evident from the design, and you can guarantee he got an interview for pure originality.

The Infographic

Social media strategist Hagan Blount decided to include everything from quantified most creative cv haganblountfacts to his full employment history with company logos on his impeccably designed infographic style CV. With even more information than a regular CV would contain, he even worked in quotes from people praising him and QR codes linking to examples of his work. He now has a sideline business designing inforgraphic CVs for other job seekers.

The Pixar CV

There’s a 3D CV, and then there’s this. Brian Moose created a completely unique resume to submit for his dream job at Pixar, consisting of an illustrated, annotated notebook, inside a film reel, inside a leather-bound album. Complex, yes, but it showcased his skills and aptitude for the job in a way no conventional paper CV ever could have.

The Website

Loren Burton decided to scrap the paper resume idea completely, and go digital for his creative CV for Airbnb. With a stunning design, he managed to show off his coding and designing skills to full effect, as well as a link to his social media profiles.

Have these creative CVs reinvigorated your passion for designing your own resume? Then why not check out one of Career Geek’s guides to writing your first CV. What steps are you taking to make your CV creative? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Do you have a creative CV or thinking of making one after reading this article? Hola us in the comment and we would love to follow up!

ABOUT AUTHOR: Louise Blake is a blogger and first-time mum with a degree in Creative Writing. She currently writes part-time for School Stickers, and is interested in education and the developments in the job market.

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