5 Inspirational Pinterest Pins For Those in #Jobsearch

When I was at university and looking for a job, I constantly took motivation from quotes and inspiration poster images. Here I have curated 5 posters from the 405 club Pinterest account.

Will these posters help those in jobsearch? I hope so. Remember, words are powerful, use them well.

The whole world is berating unemployed graduates and everyone on the internet is out there trying to part advice to graduates, like these graduates don’t know life.

Here are 5 of my posters from Pinterest to help you get some encouragement. Remember graduates, I’ve been through the unemployed year and time. It sucks, but once you are past it, you will be better and stronger. Only one thing: never give up!

Never ever give up.

Source: the405club.com via The Official Unemployed Pinboard on Pinterest