5 Great Facts On Choosing A Career In Foreign Language Translation

Wherever you go, you see an endless sea of foreign products. From foreign films to your basic Chinese takeout restaurant, they’re everywhere. We have grown to love things that our country doesn’t have, and globalization has become more present than ever.

Today, you don’t need to go all over the world to get a taste of it. Because of this, many people have chosen to connect with tutorial agencies like Preply (link here ) and learn a foreign language.

To be certain, a career in foreign language translation will stay afloat and will only be brighter in the future.

Here are five reasons why:

Fact #1: Bots can’t replace human translators.

Before, translators need to do their job manually because it’s the only way to accomplish the task accurately. Through A.I. translators, the translation industry saw a huge leap. The task isn’t as hard as it used to be, but many are curious about whether or not A.I. would replace people in the future.

A simple use of Google Translate is enough a proof that it has a long, long way to go before it can get close to the quality of human translations.

The process of translation isn’t as simple as converting words from one language to another. It’s actually complicated because you have to factor in context and meaning, something that bots aren’t capable of.

Fact #2: Industries can change overnight – but languages won’t.

Remember Kodak? Younger generations may not. This once multi-million-dollar company filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after losing their customers to digital photography.

Throughout the years, many industries have changed or died as a result of innovations. The good news is the translation industry is immune from this.

While there have been changes in languages over time such as the addition of new words, they’re not big enough to impact how translation is done.

The relevance of other jobs may diminish over time, but a job as a foreign language translator will always be here to stay.

Fact #3: The demand gets greater over time.

The translation agency is far from a dying field. In fact, it’s going to flourish.

More and more companies are always looking to expand their market, and that means going beyond their borders. Because this process involved transporting products (movies, food, etc.) all over the world, language translators would always be needed.

Marketing should be done in a language that their audience understands, and that’s where translators come in. They’d connect the brand voice to its market. As more companies succeed in entering the global market, the demand would even be greater.

Fact #4: Governments and immigration offices require certified translations of official documents most of the time

We all know it: transacting to avail of some government services mean having to produce lots of documents. And if you plan to move to another country or deal with a foreign government in some way, it’ll be the same.

But aside from the documents themselves, you may need to submit a certified translation of those. People migrate all the time, and only foreign language translators can give a correct and accurate translation foreign governments ask for.

Fact #5: Translation may be needed for learning

All academics are always looking for new discoveries, and one way to do so is by reading related studies. However, these studies aren’t always in English.

To successfully complete their research, they’d need to have all related literature in their native tongue. This task would be impossible without translators on their side.
Aside from a great career in the translation industry, learning another language comes with a lot of benefits. Start learning now and get a stable and prosperous career in foreign language translation.