4 Social Media Tips to Find Top Talent in 2018: Trends & Tips

Did you know 79% of job seekers find job openings on social media? When a human resources recruiter needs to hire new graduates or young adults, the best platform to use is social media. Here are a few innovative tips you and your human resources team can use when recruiting new employees at your organization.

Tip #1: The 5-3-2 Rule

When you figure out when and how often to post information about your company to engage potential candidates, you can reach international audiences. The 5-3-2 rule is easy to use the strategy of 10 published posts, and we listed a few tips and tricks to use to help you with job search strategies in 2018.

We recommend that you learn about the psychology of content to help highlight your organization in the best light.

  • Share a series of 5 company’s stories, industry news articles, insightful information, and blogs.
  • Post 3 pieces of content about your internal employees and events on customer success stories, internal communications campaigns and unique facts about your business.
  • Highlight 2 fun stories, videos or content that reflect a personal touch to attract people to create enthusiasm to attract applicants.

Tip #2: Don’t Forget to Be Compliant

PEW shared in 2017 that most people that use social media are either Hispanic or White. If you are a diverse, inclusive organization with an interest in hiring people from different parts of the world, you need to research the demographics of social media users depending on whether you use LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Tip #3: Share the Best Parts of Your Company

Once you encourage your organization to get involved in the content sharing process, you can reflect a positive work environment to candidates. Employees can share fun moments with their team at their cubicle, the CEO in a fun Halloween costume or welcome a group of new hires on their first day at work. It can be in a series of videos, GIFs, images and pure thoughts about genuine moments.

Tip #4: The Top Recruitment Social Platforms

Millennials make up 35% of the workforce, while Generation Z’s are the next wave of qualified applicants. You can use these platforms to find a diverse group of applicants.


Research the keywords you know candidates will search to find work. You can use LinkedIn Premium to send emails to potential applicants. The service can help you build a pipeline of applicants you connect with to help you manage your workload.


Facebook is a helpful recruitment tool that offers a Graph Search section to complete a search for the education and skills you need. You can scan Facebook to find subject matter experts that comment on articles in your industry and connect with them for potential hire.


Twitter can appear to be limited because it has 140 characters to express yourself. However, young adults search hashtags to search for job opportunities.

Final Thoughts

These HR recruitment tips will help reduce HR costs of purchasing expensive internet advertisements to reach a target audience of applicants this year. The idea is to conduct research to discover the social media platforms that job seekers with the skills needed for the job mainly use. An initiative of highlighting the company as a place people will be enthusiastic to work starts with sharing stories about the culture of how employees are recognized and treated for their hard work.

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