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3 Reasons to focus on your branding

In today’s market, you will have a lot of competitors in any industry. This is why it’s extremely important to stand out so you can be the best in your industry. Here are some of our top reasons to start putting more time and money into marketing your brand.

To be on the average consumers mind

Every consumer has a list of brands that come into their head when they think of a certain industry. One of the biggest examples is smartphones. When someone says smartphone, you think of Apple and Samsung straight away. This isn’t just because they make some of the best phones, it’s because they market their new products extremely well.


Similar to the previous point, being on the consumers mind will help them choose your product over another even if you charge a premium price. This is because they trust your company, as it is big. An example of this would be when purchasing a car. You will be spending thousands of pounds on it so you will expect it to be good quality and work perfectly everyday. If you walked into the showroom and saw a brand of car that you haven’t heard of before and another from Ford but both have the same specifications, you would pick the Ford even if it is more expensive. The same would happen with most consumers whether you are buying a new car or some toilet paper.


Many consumers are loyal to brands. To go back to the example I used earlier, when you are getting a new smartphone you tend to get the newer version of what you had previously. Obviously there are exceptions to that, like when you have a bad experience with a product by a brand you probably wont go back to the brand. However, in the most part people will stay brand loyal.

To learn about more reasons why marketing is so important, check out the below infographic by this market research company.

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