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3 Email Marketing Statistics You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Email marketing is a great way to reach out to new readers and engage with your existing audience, but an effective email campaign requires attention to detail and continual improvement. The best marketers in the world are always keeping up with the latest email marketing trends and developments to keep their marketing skills top tier. Here are some of the most surprising and actionable statistics that every email marketer should keep in mind throughout 2019.

1. Segmented and Non-segmented Campaigns

The importance of segmenting your list can’t be overstated, especially given how many emails your average subscriber is receiving every day. Targeting specific groups helps you provide content that’s relevant for each user, leading to a higher ROI, click-through rate, and open rate.

The benefits of segmented email campaigns are demonstrated by statistics showing that segmented campaigns achieve a 34.7% better open rate compared to non-segmented campaigns. Similarly, their order rate was 26.5% higher. If you’re not already investing in an email marketing solution, the available audience segmentation tools are a great reason to start.

2. Growing Your List

Organic growth for your email list can be hard to achieve, so it’s important to use every tool at your disposal to reach out to new readers. Different email marketing providers offer different options for sign-up forms, but research makes it clear that dynamic content is much more successful than more traditional choices.

While sign-up boxes only lead to a sign-up rate of 1.28%, popups already provide significantly more value at 4.22%. Landing pages, on the other hand, are by far the most effective email capture option with an incredible sign-up rate of 24.82%.

Different email marketing tools offer different options for capture forms, so experiment with a few possibilities and see what leads to the best results. Even a small increase in the effectiveness of your email capture can help your subscriber list grow and lead to a much higher ROI.

You can also include fields in your sign-up forms for different data, including email along with other options like phone number, age, or location. Email and phone number fields lead to the highest conversion rates at 9.56%, and this also allows you to contact your readers via SMS marketing.

3. Automation Workflows

Effective automation workflows are a crucial element in any successful email marketing campaign, enabling you to manage large-scale strategies which are then automatically applied to each user. If you’re not already leveraging marketing automation, consider subscribing to an email marketing solution to substantially increase your ROI.

Cart recovery workflows involve reaching out to users who added something to their cart but didn’t follow through with the purchase. They’re one of the most efficient options available, leading to an incredible order rate of 2.35% (the highest of any automation workflow).

Order confirmation workflows are another perfect starting point for anyone implementing marketing automation. 58.8% of readers open order confirmation emails, representing the highest open rate of any workflow.

Once you’ve started using cart recovery and order confirmation, you can start experimenting with other workflows to see what’s most effective. Custom automation workflows actually have the highest click-through rate of all workflows at 17.27%, and they give you the best opportunity to try new tactics depending on your brand messaging and the needs of your readers.

Email campaigns can be an incredibly valuable part of your marketing strategies, but they need to be carefully managed and continually adjusted based on marketing trends and analytics. These stats should help you refine your existing approach and continue perfecting your email marketing practices.

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