2 Years, 600 Articles, One Aim, Hack Careers For Young People

We are 2


We are 2This is our 600th article. And this week also coincides with our 2-year anniversary. Yes, Career Geek is two years old.

Two years ago I bought www.careergeekblog.com and started blogging. It was purely because I was bored after moving to a different city after University. Most of you will not know this, but I have blogged on various things since I was 16, but all those blogs just died down. I was never serious about them – either that or my attention span was short. Maybe a bit of both really.

But after Asya joined Career Geek, she really put the house in order and has managed to make Career Geek Blog a reputable careers resource. It was under her stewardship that we implored different social media platforms and improved the quality of content on our blog.

Along the way, there have been a few people to help us out. In fact, we are still looking to hire some awesome people to help us out on the road ahead.

And there is so much more I can write about. But I don’t want to. I want to reflect back and say “Thank you” to those that have helped us get where we are today.

So, thank you to Asya for the great work you do leading Career Geek.

Thank you, Matt, for being one of our early bloggers and our  News Editor. You really were a star.

Thanks to Gillian. You did an amazing job with stamping our Social Media profiles and sowing the early seed.

Thank you, Caitlin. We still get an odd email addressed to you as our Content Manager. You really helped us manage the load and generate a lot of content.

Got to thank Simi, who still blogs for us, but also picking up Social Media and taking us to the next level when we most needed support. I hope you keep writing for us and work with us again 🙂

Kaynat, thanks for your brief stint helping us create some content and your thoughts in discussions.

Thank you, Zoe, our next Content Manager. You did the job pretty well and also thanks for editing my first ever CV e-book.

Another good person who helped us and has motivated us to stay focus and develop us further is Christine. I recommend her as someone to have on your side rather than opposite.

I have to thank Stephan, who, although did not see us becoming successful, helped us shape our business case and the need to move on to the next level.

A couple of bloggers I have to thank are Leo Woodhead, The Placement Officer and Richard White. Your articles are a tremendous help to students and I hope you keep writing and sharing your knowledge with our readers.

A huge “Thank you” to Laura Brandon for blogging with us and sharing her awesome experience. She really is our Fashion Careers Expert.

A big thank-you to Rebecca, who blogs for us and has some awesome writing to share.

Now, thank you to all 2,800+ Twitter followers – you are amazing with your thoughts, support and tweets.

Facebook fans, thank you for reading, liking and commenting on our articles. Your feedback and support keeps us going.

Thanks to those few Pinterest followers we have. We haven’t forgotten you, we love you and your boards.

Thank you to all my friends who read the blog.

Thank you to our newsletter subscribers. The fact that our interaction rate is 10 times the industry rate motivates us to keep working.

I have to thank all my failures as a student. Without those failures I would never have been motivated to help other jobseekers.

There are so many more people to thank and I wish I could mention them all here. But please, do remember that your support keeps us going.

We have always been sure about one thing. Quality over quantity. And that mantra will stay with the blog. But there is more that we will offer you, just bear with us.

2 years, 600 articles and I am still here, motivated to help even more graduates than before. Thank you for reading this! Thank you for supporting us!