2 UK School Kids Probably Have A Better Career Plan Than Most Of Us #NCW2015

By Paul from Malet Lambert School

My name is Paul and I am aged 15 and I do business studies as one of my options in year 10 at Malet Lambert. The other option I have chosen is GCSE P.E. The other subjects I study are; English, maths, science, geography and IT.  I enjoy taking business studies as an option because I feel that it is a good way of learning about how companies work in the real world of work and what you would need to do in the future to bring yourself success. Taking business studies gives you a few of good important skills that you will need to develop as you grow up such as organisational skill, planning skills, team work, independent skills and also just general knowledge on everything you needs to know about business.

After I have taken my GCSE’s and hopefully received the grades I had wanted I would like to go to college and do my a levels and so I can get into an American university for a tennis scholarship, then after that make the decision whether I want to go pro or not. Whilst pursuing this career I would like to have studied a different career path of going into automotive engineering as a fall back plan because I enjoy working with cars and I feel like I would like this job. To become a automotive engineer I will need to develop the skills of communication, team work, influencing, presenting and organising and planning which fall right into the skills I needs to develop so this is a good example of why business studies is a great subjects to take because it gives you early experience and skill for the future. As well as that to be an automotive engineer I will need 8 GCSE’s consisting of Maths, English and science which are the main subjects I need and also any other of the subjects I am taking as a GCSE now to make my 8.


By William from Malet Lambert School

My name is William, I am 14 and I go to Malet Lambert School in Hull. I do business studies as one of my GCSE options in year 10. The business study lessons are a good way of learning what life is like in a business or company as we learn how to use the correct business terminology and also things like business ethics, planning and organisational skills. I chose GCSE business as it will look good on a CV and I will learn things about how to run businesses If I choose to go that route. Business GCSE will also work well with my others lessons I do like; English, Maths, science, IT, Resistant materials and PE as they are mostly knowledge based and having good English, Maths and science skills will enable me to work well with others in a business environment.

After I receive my GCSE qualifications I would like to go into a business related job or an engineering job as I like business lessons and would love to run my own business after I have done my A levels and if I go to university and further increase my business knowledge. Or if I do not go into a business job I would like to be an automotive engineer as I like cars and would enjoy a career in cars and designing them. And the skills I have learned from Business studies will help me in the engineer aspect as I would need good team work skills, organisational skills and being able to communicate well with people.