10 Ways an International Internship Can Give You A Career Edge

international internship

Any internship will give your career an edge, but an international internships offer you a unique edge in a highly competitive job market. Apart from your transferrable skills and the experience you gain, you’ll have that certain something that employers prize. It’s called global confidence.

1. An International Internship Cultivates Unique Perspectives

When you’ve interned abroad, you gain a unique understanding of global perspectives, cultures, people and ideas. You’ll be more well-rounded and able to appreciate the various influences at a global marketplace easily.

2. You Can Establish Professional Connections Globally

International internships allow you to make contacts with people coming from different countries. That’s a lot of useful professional connections in several countries, something that will prove its worth over time in your career.

3. An International Internship Puts a Shine To Your Resume

In today’s increasingly global economy, it helps to have an international touch in your resume. Your unique global experience stands out in your resume and makes it easier to put on the top of applications.

4. You Will Be Exposed to Professionalism at a Global Level

You will be able to observe what kind of professionalism global companies require. You will learn to dress, talk and communicate at that level, which will be noted and treasured by your future employers.

5. You Will Be Able to Apply a Global Perspective

Having understood how things work in the global arena, you will be able to study how the ideas you learnt are applied in the real world. This will give you a unique appreciation of how the business world operates.

6. You Can Consider Any Country for Your Career

There’s something about an international internship that opens up one’s mind. You no longer have to be limited to one region, state or country. Your thinking expands and you can easily consider a job anywhere in the world.

7. You Will Experience an Immense Confidence Boost

Having interned internationally, you’ll have the confidence to deal with various scenarios. Issues like dealing with a person from a different culture, speaking a different language won’t faze you as it did earlier.

8. You Will Handle Interviews With Panache

Your global outlook and experience will allow you to handle interviews with great confidence. You will have the necessary communication and presentation skills to present yourself in the best manner possible, which makes for an outstanding interview.

9. You’ve Proven Your Adaptability

By interning successfully at an international location with people of multiple cultures, you’ve proven that you can work anywhere. Global employers look for that particular flexibility in their employees. Hiring someone who can be easily deployed overseas spares them all the stress of orientation and training.

10. You Can Hit the Ground Running

If you’ve got global internship experience, it’ll be easier for you to get up to speed. This is because you’ve developed the necessary survival skills after spending several weeks adjusting, surviving and succeeding in a foreign environment.


Diven Acharya works at TicTwo.com, a Chinese internship organization that offers tailored internship programs in leading multi-national companies of China. He is in charge of intern mentoring and program coordination.

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