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How To Make A Resume: 10 Sections To Include On A Resume

We will cover how to make a good impression with the 10 sections to include on the resume.

Go through this short guide step by step, including the information you need to have, and constantly personalize it for each job you apply for.

A resume is not a one type fits all form, just like each business you apply to will not be the exact same.

1. Keywords

You may have noticed that the technological era is upon us by now. As a job seeker, this means to you that many companies hire through online platforms.

The hiring manager will search through hundreds of online applications using keyword searches.

If you have not included the specific keywords for the job you are applying for, you will never come up in a search, let alone get a call for an interview.

2. Summary

Resumes used to include a section at the top in the past. Under your contact information, that explained what you were looking for in a job

This is known as the objective statement, and it needs to be deleted from all of your resumes. Hiring managers do not want to see this type of introduction

Instead, they want to know what professional attributes you can bring to the table. A good resume will actually sell you to a prospective employer.

If you catch their attention here, they will continue reading. Otherwise, it will go in the trash, and they will move on to the next resume.

3. Business Data

The company you are applying for will want to know how you can improve the business’s bottom line. Use business data from your previous jobs, including any achievements you obtained.

If you are just out of school, include the achievements and unique projects you completed throughout your studies. If they relate to the job you want.

4. Skills

The hiring personnel will want to know what skills you possess relevant for the job. One of the quickest ways to have your resume overlooked is to not list what you have experience with, which are the skills you can bring to the company if they hire you.

5. Action Verbs

You will want to add enough action verbs to your resume as possible without going overboard. Action words bring your words to life, which is one way to capture the hiring manager’s attention. Avoid plain nouns and adverbs that are boring and overused.

6. Leadership Examples

Another thing that you see on good resumes now are examples of your leadership skills. Even if you do not want a position in the management team.

It shows that you can make decisions independently without them having to hold your hand throughout your workday.

7. LinkedIn Profile

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you need to get one. The majority of companies are online. When you are a business person, you will want to connect to like-minded people and hiring agencies and managers that can be found there.

8. Professional Contact

You should always include your contact details on your resume in such a way as to offer the people looking it over easy access to it.

Keep in mind that your email or voicemail reflects your professional reputation, so make sure it is clean, crisp, and intelligent.

It may be fun to mess with people on your voice message, but make it sound energetic and professional as long as you are looking for work.

9. Accurate Dates

You need to ensure that the dates you list for your previous work or school are exact so be sure not to make this resume mistake.

Most hiring managers will check into your business references. If the dates are off by large amounts, they will wonder what you are hiding.

10. Personality

You will want to show off your personality on your resume. Not by being obnoxious are rude, but by offering a decent preview of what the company can expect from you.

For example, if you like to do everything by the book and follow all instructions, you will want to show that through your action verbs.


Before beginning to write the perfect resume, there is a number that you need to be aware of.

Six seconds. Six seconds is how long you have to grab the hiring manager’s attention and intrigue them enough to go over your information in a little more depth.

That is all there is to the 10 things you need to have on your resume. The key is to hold their attention long enough to get recognized by them.

Online resumes are necessary in today’s internet-based world, so make sure that your formatting works for all platforms, including mobile.

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