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10 Actionable Ways to Improve Your Chances of Landing a Job

The jobs market has always been competitive but recent global events have made it tougher than ever to land any job, let alone your dream job.

If you’re seeking work and need a little help getting hired, we can help.

We are going to outline some actionable tips you can use to stand out from the crowd – tips that get you noticed for all the right reasons and hopefully beat the competition to that job.

1. See Your CV from an Employer’s Perspective

It’s tough writing a standout CV while keeping to the CV writing ‘rules’. It’s even more difficult looking at your own CV critically through the eyes of a potential employer.

Yet that’s what you need to do. If you can’t do it yourself, ask someone you trust to do it for you.

An employer wants to see your accomplishments, not just a list of your roles. They want to see the ways in which you added value, not just a list of the things you did.

Deliver that and you’re on your way. A great place to start is with an example CV.

2. Research the Company and the Role

You will be asked questions about what you know at the interview so it’s best to know what you’re talking about.

It’s also a good idea to identify the type of personality that suits the role, what the requirements and desirability criteria are and generally know who you’re planning to work with.

You will be asked about it during an interview so best be prepared!

3. Dress to Impress

A common complaint from recruiters is that applicants turn up to an interview in their street clothes or their going out clothes. This will lose you the job before you even open your mouth.

Always, always wear smart business attire to an interview.

Make sure your shoes are clean, your clothes are tidy, your hair is in place and you look like someone who the employer would be happy representing them in the wider world.

4. Network

Use friends or colleagues, use LinkedIn, use whatever means you have at your disposal to get your name out there. Ask everyone to let you know when opportunities arise.

Set up a LinkedIn profile and add all relevant information. Then use the app to look for jobs as well as network.

It is far better to maintain your LinkedIn profile throughout your career rather than doing it all at once when you’re looking for work.

However, having a new profile is better than having none!

5. Use All the Job Sites You Can

To find the right job in the right place, you need to cast your net as wide as you can. Set up bookmarks for all relevant job sites and check them regularly.

Don’t forget local or regional jobs sites, local newspaper websites and anywhere your type of job might be advertised.

6. Clean Up Your Social Networks

All recruiters check social networks of candidates, so be ready. You may not see a problem with having pictures of your nights out or holidays in Ibiza on your social networks but a prospective employer might.

Look at all your accounts from the perspective of a recruiter.

Remove any images or posts that don’t show you in your best light. Remove any flame wars, controversial posts or anything that could be viewed in a negative light.

Make yourself look as much like an upstanding citizen as possible on social media. You can always add it all back once you land the job!

7. Tell Some Stories

A key annoyance for interviewers is candidates with no personality who won’t provide the information they are looking for.

Avoid that by preparing some stories to tell. Make sure they are true and cover the usual ‘tell us about a situation when’ scenarios

Also prepare a story for the inevitable ‘weakness’ questions.

Prepare little anecdotes that cover how you dealt with an awkward or irate customer, when you had to present to high-level managers or other typical interview questions.

Preparing stories in advance will definitely help you stand out.

8. Turn Up to the Interview on Time

It may sound obvious, but turning up to your interview on time will definitely work in your favour. Turning up late is another way to lose the job before you even step in the door.

Turn up at least ten minutes ahead of your interview to allow time to be collected, have some water or go to the bathroom.

We cannot overstate how important good timekeeping is!

9. Don’t Let Rejection Get You Down

Preparing yourself for rejection is part of job hunting and is also a survival mechanism while you’re searching.

It isn’t personal. It isn’t necessarily about you and it shouldn’t put you off applying.

Pick yourself up, figure out what you could have done better, use interview feedback and refine and adapt your approach as you go.

10. Don’t be Afraid to Upskill

If you’ve taken this advice on board and you are doing all the right things but still not having success when it comes to getting interviews then you can improve your CV with continued learning.

Taking a course specific to the industry and job role you are aiming for shows dedication and can set you apart.

Good luck with your search!

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