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Working From Home 101

With the many innovations in technology that we’ve seen over the past few years, including excellent Wi-Fi connections and applications such as Skype, flexible working is something many of us can now experiment with. Whether we’re self-employed freelancers or we’re lucky enough to work for enlightened employers who are happy for us to complete tasks …

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6 College Courses for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

What is the purpose of college?  The answer depends on who you ask.  For instance, an eighteen-year-old person may mention experiences.  That individual’s parents may mention something about preparing for the future.  College is supposed to help an individual prepare for the future and most aspects of it. If one plans to pursue financial success …

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Struggling to Find a Job? Make Your Own!

Finding a job has never been harder for students –  with talk of the UK hitting a triple dip recession, employment figures are likely to take a nose dive once again. If you’ve graduated but you’re still sitting around applying for jobs like there’s no tomorrow, why not think about sacking off the job search …

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