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smart meters accurate

Are Smart Meters Accurate and Will They Save Money?

I like writing money related articles once in a while. And this one is one such article. I am a big fan of smart meters. I can’t wait for the national rollout and have one installed for my home. Smart meters are accurate and like many other things, once you have the data or information available, you …

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Student finance shortfall

1 in 5 Students Sells Body or Gambles to Fund University

The survey of 1,900 students, conducted by money advice site Save the Student, found many use high-risk, low-paid work to cover the sizeable shortfall in student finance. Survey finds one-fifth use body or betting to earn money Maintenance loan leaves average student £265 short each month Universities the last resort for financial advice Extra: the …

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Top 6 Careers for Accounting Majors

Accounting is one of those educational fields, in which there will always be a need for that profession. As long as money is around, then there will be people who need help managing that money and therefore there will also be people that have expertise in financial management. Thus, the job of accountant. Being an …

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