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People Management Tips for Project Managers

For project management professionals, the art of people management is essential to performing the job well. However, people are notoriously more difficult to manage than processes, products or budgets. So what are the key skills and tools you need to become effective within the role? We take a look at some top tips that will …

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What to Consider When Starting Your New Enterprise

Deciding to start a new enterprise is exciting but the process can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider to help you build a profitable business from the ground up. Product The first thing you’ll want to establish is your unique selling point. Is your product or service unique, and what differentiates it …

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hire yourself

Could You Hire Yourself?

Writing from the perspective of my boss’s first employee, the idea of hiring myself to start up my own business seems on the one hand the only sensible choice to those who have ideas, but no opportunity to channel them passionately into a job they love. On the other, it seems an impossible task to …

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