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This Year At Work, Create Problems

  This year at work, create problems. Infact, make a resolution, do not resolve issues without creating a problem. And no this won’t get you sacked. Huh? Are you serious? Yes I am serious. This year create problems at work. Let me explain. You have a printer at work, where 100 people print from. You often …

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I never thought I would disagree with

I never thought I would disagree with Graduate Fog

I never thought I would disagree with Graduate Fog. Tanya writes a lot of good stuff and best of all, writes honest stuff. But in this case I have to disagree. Graduate Gog responded to a BrokeInLondon.com advert. You can find the full response here. In summary what Graduate Fog is saying is, it doesn’t …

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the PR masterclass

Book Review: The PR Master Class by Alex Singleton

First things first (I’m the realest- sorry, but how catchy is that song!) I haven’t finished the book yet, I’m about half way through. So you’re probably thinking that I should have finished it before recommending it. But that’s how good it is, I’m only half way through and I’m already singing its praises. Despite …

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employability in arts sector

Employability in the Arts Sector

Now a year since studying Museum and Art Gallery Masters degree I have come to a number of affirmations in regards to a career in the arts sector. Alongside completing various unpaid internships and work experience, I find it easy to believe the Guardians’ publication from February 2014 that if you want to get into …

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