Take Care of Your Employees with DSE Learning

Display Screen Equipment (or DSE) refers to devices or equipment that has an alphanumeric or graphic display screen. You’ll often find these in most technologies you use today such as desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Excessive use of these devices can cause injury such as neck, shoulder, back or arm pain along with fatigue and eyestrain. It’s important that you take this into consideration when running a business, as ignoring this issue could cause serious harm to you or your employees.

Below, Praxis42 looks into how DSE learning can help you and your employees and turn your office into a healthy working environment.

Injury Risks

When evaluating your office whether it’s safe for your employees to work in, some people don’t consider the effects of overuse of common office devices. If they are, they’re usually the last thing that gets looked at when it’s far too late. Injuries that occur are quite common, with the majority of people not taking time off for them, exacerbating the injury.

Headaches, eye discomfort and neck pain are very common injuries that are caused by high use of DSE and can continue to cause issues if nothing is done to alleviate the situation.

How Do You Protect Your Employees?

Now you may be asking, if there’s so many risks from the very devices your employees will be using then how do you make sure that they don’t get injured just by doing their job?

The first thing you must do as an employer is to conduct a risk assessment by either recording one yourself or hiring out a company such as Praxis42 to conduct one on your behalf. Ensure that it’s fully recorded and conducted on a regular basis to ensure that your office and employees are as safe as possible.

The work ethic that you instill into your workers is equally important too. Prolonged use of devices is what causes these injuries so it’s vital that you try to enforce regular breaks away from the desk.

Just a small five to ten-minute break is enough for anyone using devices for long periods of time to stretch and rest their eyes.

 DSE e-Learning

One of the best ways to protect your employees is to educate your workforce in the possible dangers of DSE via e-Learning. e-Learning is excellent not just for DSE education but all forms of training, including health and safety and fire safety. Giving the user access to training and education material at the click of a button, that takes very little time to complete on desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

This saves you both time and money and brings your workforce up to speed in a matter of hours rather than weeks. Through DSE eLearning you’ll be giving your employees the knowledge they need to be aware of the risks they face in the office daily. They then can make the proper adjustments or even bring up any problems they feel are contributing to DSE injuries.

Get in touch with e-Learning suppliers such as Praxis42 today and see how they can help you bring your workforce up to speed.