Dealing with Stress at Work: Symptoms, Causes & How To Beat it

Are you suffering from heavy workloads, long working hours, bad management and unfriendly colleagues? These are all causes of workplace stress.

According to research, someone in Britain is made ill by stress at work every two minutes. Stress can significantly affect our health and wellness, therefore it is important that this topic is addressed in the workplace.

53.2% of workers report that stress is an issue in their workplace, 61.9% believe their employer looks down on workers who get stressed and 57.4% thing their manager does NOT offer support to help them manage stress at work.

With the average person spending over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, there is no doubt that it is something that needs to be addressed across the UK.

Shepherds Friendly have created an infographic that looks at the causes, symptoms and how to beat workplace stress to help you discover things you can do to ensure you don’t suffer from stress in the workplace.

Check out the infographic below:

Stress at work: Symptoms, causes and how to beat it via Shepherds Friendly Society

Thanks to Shepherds Friendly, who offer a range of saving plans, income protection and over 50s, life insurance for the use of the infographic.