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Use Employee Engagement Rates To Decide If A Company Is Right Fit For You

Searching for a new job requires a bit of investigation. You have to search out the right opportunity for your qualifications—then dig deeper to find out whether the company will pay you a good salary or offer the benefits you want. It takes a lot of time and research to solve the mystery of where you should work.

But many job seekers overlook one important clue when trying to decide if a company is the right fit: employee engagement.

Companies with high employee engagement rates typically have a positive workplace that fosters creativity. But low employee engagement signals that all is not well.

What Do Employee Engagement Rates Tell You?

When you go to your interview, notice how workers at your potential employer behave. Are they working diligently or scrolling through Facebook? Are their facial expressions relaxed and happy, or do they seem stressed?

If you spot signs of distracted or overwhelmed employees, take note. People usually disengage because their workplace isn’t meeting their needs, so it’s likely that your potential employer isn’t providing them with the flexibility, stability, or sense of challenge that makes a job feel fulfilling.

How Does Low Employee Engagement Affect You?

Hiring into a workplace with low employee engagement may give you a paycheck right now—but there’s a chance it won’t last. Disengaged employees are much more likely to join the nearly 3 million workers who quit their jobs each month. You may find yourself walking through a revolving door if your company’s low employee engagement rates are increasing turnover.

If you do stay at a job where you feel unfilled, you’re far more likely to disengage, too. You may play games, socialize, or complete a whole host of other non-work tasks to get through the day. While these options can be entertaining, they won’t help your career move ahead.

Of course, you need to do more than just avoid potentially bad employers. Read on to learn about employee engagement, including the perks and motivational strategies that make for a great workplace.

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