do placements improve graduate outcomes

Proof That Placements Improve Graduate Outcomes In One Slide

Charlie Ball, Deputy Director of Research at HECSU was presenting at this year’s PlaceNet conference. PlaceNet is a registered charity for Placement Officers and Tutors, employers and others concerned with student placements. PlaceNet represents professionals dedicated to improving the quality and value of student placements in a wide range of subjects.

Here is one of the slides shared on Twitter that shows that placements improve graduate outcomes. Follow Charlie on Twitter.

placements help students

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Participants who took placements were:

1. Less Likely to be out of work than those who did just paid work or no work experience at all

2. More likely to be in a professional level job than someone who had just done paid work or had no experience

3. Not so clear for salary, although doing some work experience better than none



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