Graduate Salaries Outlook for 2013 [Report]

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In this section we look at the Graduate Salaries outlook for 2013. The report is based on the analysis of Times Top 100 Graduate Employers.

Graduate Salaries In & Before 2012

According to The Graduate Market in 2013 report, the median graduate salary in 2012 was £29,000. Now, this might surprise a few of you, but you have to understand this report is based on The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers.

The figure of £29,000 in 2012 was unchanged from 2011. And, in fact, the median salary of £29,000 has remained unchanged since 2010. With the cost-of-living in the same period going up, one can argue that graduate salaries have, in fact, reduced (over pre-2010 trend).

Surprisingly, the report shows that median graduate salaries kept increasing between 2007-2010. See the chart below.

graduate salaries gm2013

Source: The Graduate Market in 2013

I guess the increasing trend from 2007-2010 was largely skewed by accountancy firms and banking services.

Graduate Salaries Outlook for 2013

The Graduate Market in 2013 reports that the graduate salaries for 2013 will remain unchanged. Median graduate salary for top 100 employers will be £29,000.

About 8 employers will have graduate salaries of £40,000 or more. Beyond the City, Aldi is offering the highest graduate salary of £40,000.

In total, 28 employers will pay their graduates more than £30,000. Whilst 22 will pay between £20,000 – £25,000.  Public sector employees, with a median of £22,000 have the lowest graduate pay rates for 2013.

graduate salary package gm2013

Source: The Graduate Market in 2013

Want to find out which industry sectors pay the highest and lowest? Then download this report and have a look.

Career Geek Analysis of Graduate Salaries Outlook

Most of you might be looking at the median salary and going, well I am paid less! Look at it better – this is the average graduate salary at Top 100 graduate employers. Outside these, the average graduate salary could be anything or anywhere between £22,000 – £24,000. I don’t know.

I know graduates who are paid as low as £16,000. So it is not unfair to take the figure of £29,000 and advertise that! But no, not all graduates are in that top figure. These are only the top 100 graduate employers. I would be interested to know the median graduate salary outside the top 100 graduate employers.

But all the same, it makes for an interesting read and I would encourage you to have a look at The Graduate Market in 2013 report by High Fliers Research.

Image: High Fliers Research, the Graduate Market in 2013

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