The History of Recruiting Technology [Infographic]

January 5, 2013 • Infographics • Views: 1026


Even through recruitment is not the hottest topic in these recession-filled times, recruiting technology is definitely a hot topic on the start-up and technological advances front.

The 1990s brought recruiter-centric automation, but now social recruitment is definitely on the rise. The infographic below is on the history of recruitment technology and the different aspects of it, including resume databases, source analytics, recruiting marketing and other minute topics that otherwise go unnoticed.

A definite read for those in the recruitment and HR industries. Recruiting Technology: A Social History is brought to you by Jobvite.

12.03.02_Going-Social-01-1Infographic developed by Jobvite.

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  2. Dolittle says:

    Congrats Asya and Team !

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