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Study Abroad: Where International Students Go And Why? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Study Abroad: Where International Students Go And Why? [INFOGRAPHIC]

International study is on the rise; latest figures show that around 3,500,000 people decided to study abroad in 2009, up over 200% from 1975! One in five of these students are from China or India, and 15% of all students in the UK are international students.

Where International Students Go And Why?

The rise can be attributed to a number of factors: the increased communication opportunities around the world, and the increase in global travel in general, to mention a few. With the global economic turmoil, young people (who are hardest hit by unemployment) may see studying abroad as a way out of the situation in their home country and the opportunity to make a new start. As we witness the addition of other push-pull factors, such as the increased tuition fees in the UK, the popularity of studying abroad is only set to increase.


Author: Faizan Patankar

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