Procracker Launched Along with ProTV


Procracker is the careers website for science, engineering and technology professionals. This site will be a favourite of yours when you are seeking new opportunities for progression throughout your career in SET.


We brought you the news about Procracker in one of our older posts.

The good news for Science, Engineering and Technology professionals is that Procracker is now LIVE! Procracker has a different look and feel, compared to Gradcracker. It does have the quality of jobs that are usually associated with the Crackergroup, though.

Gradcracker is a favourite of Engineering students across many universities in the UK and I always wondered why young professionals miss out on all the fun of the job search that graduates enjoy. With Procracker, this trend might be changing!

Through Procracker, we were introduced to proTVproTV

ProTV offers videos from different professionals across different companies. It is a nice little addition. Although hidden from the front menu of Procracker.

So, if you are in the Science, Engineering or Technology field, then head over to Procracker right now!

Procracker on Twitter.

Procracker website.