Ad Agency Uses Video Game to Screen Job Applicants

diablo 3

diablo 3 Remember those times when your parents screamed: ‘Stop playing that stupid video game, it won’t get you a job!’ They never did that? Well, at least mine did! Now, here is a reputable ad agency – Saatchi & Saatchi Israel, who will be using Diablo III – the video game to screen job applicants.

Agency CEO (and level 60 Barbarian) Yossi Lubaton will wait for candidates at a certain time every day. They can play against him, showing off their game skills, and at the same time, will answer a series of professional and personal questions to see if they’re a good fit for the job. Whoever does well scores the ‘Warmonger Sword,’ gold, and will be summoned for an interview with Lubaton.

Lubaton’s strategy makes sense: Likely candidates will be on D3 anyway. But it’s also pretty savvy marketing by the agency. Either way, it’s a nice change of pace from the usual, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” style of traditional interviews.

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