Review – The Career Explorer’s Journal

This is my first attempt at reviewing a book. In May I was looking to review a Careers book and wanted a good practical one to start off with. Then I came across Paul Diamond’s The Career Explorer’s Journal and started reading it. A 33-chapter, around 65-page quality careers book for anyone wandering around the topic of career change or discovering another challenge in their career.

The Career Explorer’s Journal – “Quoteful”

The first thing that motivated me to read the Career Explorer’s Journal was the quotes. It starts with the following:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself any direction you choose”

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!
Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

Every chapter of the book starts with a quote and that is all you need The Career's Explorer Journal to get motivated to read the rest of the chapter. The Career Explorer’s Journal is not only for those looking for a career change but it’s also a very good career management and analysis book for those who want to expand their career to their full potential.

Whilst I was reading the book, I learnt quite a bit and realised how little I knew about my career ambitions. The Career Explorer’s Journal really provokes you to think about how much you know about your career. I wrote down a few answers, based on the questions in the book and look forward to hanging on to this journal more than any other career management tool for tracking my career progress.

Career Explorer’s Journal – 33 Chapters For Your Career

The Career Explorer’s Journal is written in plain English and is different to other Careers books I’ve read. I’ve always read sports management books because I like the way sports (football) is managed, with high-profile players as employees, the PR,  etc. But Career Explorer’s Journal does not teach me a lesson, it helps me learn.

The Career Explorer’s Journal has 33 Chapters and it talks to you through all the chapters. At every chapter I realised that this book is different to other books. It doesn’t tell you to do this or that or that’s what leaders do, or uses that sort of language. It simply asks you if you’ve considered the questions it asks.

I could go into detail about the individual chapters but for $0.99 I think it’s a worthy investment in exploring how much more there needs to be done with our Careers, or even just satisfying some of the questions you may have about it.

An Enjoyable Journey Reading Career’s Explorer Journal

The Career’s Explorer Journal is an enjoyable read. Buy The Career Explorer's JourneyThe chapters are nice and tidy, written in plain English. Something that graduates and even the experienced ones like. Not everyone sits with a dictionary on their desk and it’s nice to see the book using simple language. I love the quotes in the book, well used and best suited for the chapter that follows.

What we would like to see in the next edition is a dedicated graduate version. Too often, I believe, graduates think the company they are working for will develop them. It will but only for this specific company and there is so much more to explore in a career. Another thing I think will benefit the future editions is adding more resources to answer the questions the book asks, or creative crafts to note down lessons from the book. OK, I realise that this may just be because I was too lazy to sit with a book to write all my answers or lessons down.

But all in all, I enjoyed reading the Career Explorer’s Journal which was very kindly submitted for review by Paul Diamond.

You can find more about Paul and buy the book by visiting his site here. I strongly suggest giving it a look. It’s worth it. 

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