Weekly Recap: Money Matters for Students, Visualising LinkedIn And the Perfect Social Media Resume

Here are the links in what you might have missed this last week.

social media resumeInfographic: The Perfect Social Media Resume

There is this constant debate of whether recruitment is staying traditional or going mainstream. We don’t have an answer to that, but graduates are definitely going social with their resumes. There are more than…Read more

funny friday careers imageFunny Friday: Sorry Graduates, but this is Funny

We miss Funny Friday’s. It is this day of the week that we post something funny about careers. In this week’s Funny Friday we bring you a couple of ecards from someecards. It is…Read more


11 Ways You Can Use Humor to Help Your Career

Who says work has to be all seriousness all the time? Actually, no one really says it, but most of us kind of assume. When asked, 91% of CEOs say a sense of humor is important…Read more

5 Ways To Make Extra Money While Attending College

In the U.S., attending practically any college or university is expensive. Many students find themselves strapped for cash constantly. The availability of on campus part-time jobs can be scarce. Calling home to family and friends is not…Read more

Work experienceMillionaires Under 30 Who Aren’t Named Zuckerberg or Bieber

Age doesn’t really matter. With young millionaires emerging like mushrooms, this gives an idea that their youth may actually be the secret to their astonishing success. They have a tendency of taking on one…Read more

re.vu loginRe.Vu – Visualising Your Linkedin Profile

I found out about Re.Vu a few weeks ago through Twitter and immediately I knew I had to try it out. As a recent graduate, I have been exploring innovative ways of promoting myself…Read more