Millionaires Under 30 Who Aren’t Named Zuckerberg or Bieber

Age doesn’t really matter. With young millionaires emerging like mushrooms, this gives an idea that their youth may actually be the secret to their astonishing success. They have a tendency of taking on one shot deals that can make or break one’s career. Wild ideas turning into reality is an indication that having vivid imagination and passion towards something is a big step towards achieving success.

To show that becoming a millionaire knows no age, here are some young entrepreneurs who built million-dollar empires before the age of 30.

Sean Belnick

Sean Belnick always had this fascination for selling things on the Internet. He used to sell Pokemon cards and other things on eBay. In 2001, fourteen-year-old Belnick created BizChair.com with only $500 investment and with the help of his stepfather. Now, he sells office furniture to Microsoft, Google and many others big companies, making him a 22-year old dollar millionaire whose worth is estimated at around $50,000,000.

 Matthew Mickiewicz

Matthew Mickiewicz is one of the co-founders of the popular website called Sitepoint. Starting out with a hobby in 1997, Matthew began building websites and doing research for tools, information, and resources he needs.

In 1999, he founded Sitepoint with the help of Mark Harbottle, aiming to provide an online resource for web developers and web designers. Matthew Mickiewicz, at age 27, already has about $40,000,000 in his pocket.

Catherine Cook

Catherine Cook is one of the known people in the social networking industry. Her highly prized website, MyYearBook.com, only started out as a simple idea. Catherine and her brother Dave were looking through the pages of their high school yearbook when they came up with an idea of creating an online version. In 2005, they convinced their older brother Geoff to invest $250,000 to help them launch MyYearBook.com. Now at 20 years of age, Catherine Cook has an estimated $30,000,000.

Angelo Sotira

Angelo Sotira is the brains behind the successful online art community, DeviantArt.  Co-founded in 2000 with Scott Jarkoff and Matt Stephens, DeviantArt prospered greatly as an online community where artists can showcase their artwork. The site attracts at least 36 million visitors annually. Angelo Sotiro now has a net worth of $75,000,000 thanks to his brilliant idea.

Juliette Brindak

At the age of 15, Juliette founded MissOandFriends, an online community for “tween” girls. The reason for creating such a site is to “fill the void for tween girls who have outgrown Barbie and are not ready for Britney”. The site allows young girls aged 8 to 12 to talk/share/play games with other girls of their generation. At 16, she was already arranging meetings with executives of Colgate for funding. Now, at 22, she is already worth $15,000,000.

Blake Ross

Blake Ross is a software developer and is well known because of his famous web browser –  Mozilla Firefox. Blake, along with Dave Hyatt and Joe Hewwit, began what was an experimental branch of the Mozilla project and is now one of the most popular browsers among users. Now aged 26, the Firefox kid is already worth $150,000,000.

Susan Gregg-Koger

The co-founder and CEO of Modcloth, Susan, came up with the idea of putting up the company when she was shopping for vintage clothing but couldn’t find pieces in her size. When she went to college, she started operating an online shop in her dorm-room and also processed the orders herself. Now, Modcloth has over 275 designers producing one-of-a-kind garments for their customers. With her husband Eric Koger, their combined worth is at $15,000,000.

Go on… become an entrepreneur!

Starting early has a lot of advantages for an entrepreneur. The earlier you start, the more time you have to mess up, the earlier you get to find the best ways to do things.

The love for work is also a factor to success. These people are successful in their line of work because they simply love doing them.

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