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With the current economic situation proving tricky, to say the least, for graduates or students thinking about their first career move, it’s never been more important to make use of any available resources in order to improve your chances. Getting a job is tough going presently, so anything that can help smooth the process and increase your chances of gaining employment makes a lot of sense.

So why not exploit the power of career focused apps – with a mobile resource at your disposal, it’s then time to pick through the career apps that will help you get ahead.

Pick of the crop

If you’re looking to network with other people and also increase your profile on the job market, then it makes a lot of sense to sign up to LinkedIn, and make full use of its app version to exploit the networking aspect of the site. There’s also Beam Me, which is a neat way of circulating business cards in quick and easy fashion as well as hooking up with other graduates who have similar career goals, so you can compare notes.

When you’re looking for that ever exclusive job, then using the Job Finder app makes an efficient way of ploughing through their vacancies and getting a realistic idea of what’s out there worth going for. This is a very easy-to-use app, but offers powerful tools for honing your search to match your requirements. Similarly, Indeed is another app that’ll throw up plenty of possible opportunities all from within the space of your smartphone screen.

Do it yourself

However, if the whole idea of getting a job using traditional means starts to seem like an increasingly difficult proposition then it may well be worth trying to start up your own venture. The internet and a whole range of apps to choose from means that it’s not only less risky to do this, it’s also cheaper and easier too. There are plenty of get-rich quick apps out there that may well vary in quality, but starting a business also means being organised.

So, in that respect, it’s a good idea to get yourself kitted out with an app like Evernote, which will allow you to amass all of your great ideas within the space of one application. It’s an organiser, a planner and a place for brainstorming and all within the confines of your iPhone or iPad.

You’ll also want some practical tools for generating business while also saving money, so be sure to get something like Skype, so you can make face to face video calls, or perhaps Google Voice, for calling potential employers about a possible vacancy should the entrepreneurial side of things not go quite as planned. One thing’s for sure, with apps and the internet close at hand, your chances are much better than they used to be.

About Author: Rob Clymo is a contributor to the broadband internet advice site Broadbandgenie.co.uk.

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