Resunate: Solution to Your CV Worries

Statistics show that more graduates than ever are applying for jobs. In this tough time, we wish we only had someone to tell us how to write a good CV or job application to make sure it gets employers’ attention! I believe we have just found that service now.

In this post I will review Resunate. The only smart resume builder.

Idea of Resunate

Resunate in simple terms is like a robot reviewing your CV! or like your own CV review service.

You can upload your CV application and review it against the job advert. It compares words on your CV with those on the job advert and the skills required, along with other data and does the magic.

It will give you a score out of 10 called the ‘job score’. Higher ‘job score’ means your CV matches the job description quite well. You can edit your CV in the edit mode and it affects the score instantly, thus making it easy for you to manipulate your CV in order to improve your score for the specific job, which in turn increases your chances of securing the job.

Resunate Costs

resunate signup


Resunate falls under the ‘Freemium’ category i.e. you get first 3 reviews free and then pay on different time scales. Reviewing your job application is very important when job hunting; and if it’s only a CV application, then Resunate is just the thing you need. I would suggest trying it out first to understand it’s advantages.

The prices are affordable and if you sign up through our blog, you will get attractive discounts.

Resunate User Interface

Graduates and students often get put off if the user interface of any product is un-aesthetic. Resunate has a good interface. Easy to understand and easy to use. Within 20 minutes I had my CV uploaded and reviewed for a hypothetical job (because I already have one, I can afford having fun with job adverts!)

Resunate have a demo video that can talk you through the process of reviewing your CV application.

Currently it does not have a social-login (i.e. twitter, google , facebook, etc.) and you need to sign up. You can then either upload a CV or import your Linkedin profile. Personally, I found uploading a CV to produce a better result.

What Do We Think of Resunate?

I tried Resunate before writing this post and I would fully recommend the service they provide. In fact, we like them so much that Career Geek Blog has forged an affiliate marketing partnership with Resunate. We have attractive price offers for readers of our blog!


About Resunate

In their own words – Resunate is a product of Careerimp, Inc. – based in Pittsburgh, PA. Our mission is to make applying to jobs easier, more effective, and, believe it or not, even fun.

Our founders came together in early 2010, frustrated with the current state of job applications. They observed that most job seekers were blindly submitting their resume without understanding how it would be processed by employers. Hence, the launch of Resunate. A web tool to provide legitimate, quantitative feedback to job seekers; and confidence for employers that they are selecting the best candidate in their applicant pool.





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  • I wished you would have expounded on reasons you like Resunate. I am perusing the internet looking for hard facts data regarding the software. This article started off strong, then sort of faded out. You offer no solid information to the reader then expect us to purchase to earn you money. All of us who read you blog are not familiar with you or your work, so this is a little disappointing.

    • Hi Donna, thanks for leav feedback. I wrote the article and at time of writing I only had access to the free version, and the intention was people can read the basic and then try it. I loved that software because it did what it said and in a visually aesthetic manner. BUT I never paid for the premium version. At a later stage they were taken over by a different company and then some changes including price increase happened. In the mean time we cancelled our affiliate agreement as the company didn’t pay for the adverts they placed on the blog. My emails to their CEO went unanswered. So no, we do not make money of this but thanks for bringing to our attention, the article will be updated accordingly. I hope you enjoy rest of the content on the blog.

      • Hello Faiz and Donna,

        Just to add more insight on this, I too was won by the concept but to be honest after using it for 24 hours I think the program remains buggy. You would think such a service would be to help users out but i also think that companies are constantly changing their ATS to make opportunities highly competitive.

        I applied to a few roles scoring my resume to a 10 but I think it really depends on the ATS and i don’t know which one Resunate is programmed to follow. I have nothing positive to write about here but should i get a call for an interview i would regard the tool to be helpful.

        For now, I was refunded the full fee earlier this afternoon after i notified the folks at Resunate that there were way too many bugs and the process of creating a resume was getting more and more “frustrating”.

        If i get a call for an interview, I will be happy to continue my subscription with them and also write back here.