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Choosing a University is even more important now than it was before. Tuition fees have risen almost three fold, to £9000 at most UK universities. But that is just one statistic that is well published and publicised. What about the other statistics? What is the employment rate at a particular university? Average living costs at different universities? For international students, you would want to know what percentage of the student population is international. And so on…, university uk, uk university rankings, UCAS,  With more than ever students going to university, it is important that students know they are making the right choice. For some courses, it will be an investment of up to £27000 over three years, only for tuition fees. For that, it is important to know the important statistics across universities so you can compare different universities on a similar base. is a good website, launched to offer just that service FREE of charge to the students. It also offers forums and other additional services to students at no charge.

Add on  

Although some sections of the site are still under construction, comparing the universities head-to-head service is up and running. An example comparing The University of Birmingham, the University of Leicester and the University of Derby  is shown below., compare universities, UK university rankings

The following head-to-head table shows comparisons on factors such as Entry Requirements, Time Ranking, etc… The rankings are as published by The Guardian and The Times.

What Else Does Compare The Assist In? provides other good information and articles on

  • Application advice (including researching unis and money)
  • Interview advice 
  • Application Support (through Momentum Careers at discount price)
  • University profiles and rankings
  • Forums
  • Career Ladders 
  • Interviews with people who did and did not go to university. 

So, next time somebody is searching for rankings, city rent prices, unemployment rates for universities, or any other statistic to make a choice between universities, I am positive that would be the best place for finding all this information at one place.


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