Critical CV Writing – Don’t Overuse Words

CV mistakes, how to write good CV

mistakes on CV, write a good CV

As the picture alongside shows, being unique does not always mean it is useful. And it is quite true. So many times I meet and speak to students who think they stand out and discuss the different things they have done. The issue is, at the application stage, it is much better to be “standard size” and let your words do the talking. Trying to be “unique” or different on your CV or resume or any other application can work against you.

Infographic: Life of CV over 500 years!

It is also true that sometimes you think you are being “unique” on your CV, when in all honesty you just overuse words. Recruiters go through too many CVs to know what means what and can spot a fluff a mile away.

Words to use on a CV?

Career Rocketeer on their blog lists the 7 most Over used words on CVs. They are:




Skillful or Skilled

Problem Solver

Dedicated and Dependable

The author of the article on Career Rocketeer comments –

Will these words make or break your resume success?  Maybe … maybe not.  But if it means the difference between being memorable and being passed over … then word choice is much more critical than we might think.

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