Alternative Graduate Job Formula – Part 2

Part 2 – Alternative Graduate Job Formula

In Part 1 I spoke of the Internship Formula. In this part I propose an Alternative Graduate Job Formula, similar to that constituted by Dr. Paul Redmond (Graduate Job Formula).

If the statistics are to be believed, then the top 4 audit firms employ 90% of their graduates from those that have done an internship with them. I know of some of the Big 6 Energy companies who take on their interns into the graduate schemes. My point is, the key ingredient in getting a Graduate Job is Work Experience or Internship, a parameter that is used in the original Graduate Job Formula as well.

My proposal for an Alternative Graduate Job Formula is:-

 G = Q + WE + AM


G = Graduate Job 

Q = Qualifications

WE = Work experience (or internship)

AM = Asset Marketing (you are the asset)

You can read the full analysis by clicking on the download sign {filelink=7} .

To summarize, I believe my proposal of an Alternative Graduate Job Formula is practical and usable by students. To put value on the parameters is quite difficult but it mimics the conditions and recruitment of graduates in the market.

There can be no direct ‘safe’ graduate job formula, without doing an internship. And this is my key point: too much importance is given to careers in the final year of university, when clearly, internships are taking the forefront.

There has to be a behavioural change in university management and students towards understanding that career skills and talks need to be introduced to students from the first year onwards.


Please feel free to amend/critique the work. Drop a comment and I will surely look into it.

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